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Shoppers Desire for all your shopping needs.

Shoppers Desire features a collection of great shopping destinations that cater to anyone looking for Great Products Great Value and Great Selection. Featuring everything from auto, accessories, arts & crafts, custom cartoons, beauty, books, media, business, office, buying & selling, collectibles, communities, computers, consumer electronics, coupon specials, department stores, entertainment, events, family, food & drink, games & toys, gifts & flowers, jewelry, matchmaking, music & video, pets, recreation & leisure, sports & fitness, health, nutrition, furniture, gardening, bed and bath accessories, kitchen supplies, childrens clothing, infant wear and more. Happy Shopping! ...

Featured Shops.
Fashion ...
Oscar de la Renta > Woman's Lifestyle Fashion > Celebrities Add to Favorites
Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta, known for its exquisite design and feminine silhouettes, has always prided himself on bringing haute couture to a new level. From the Jackie O style sunglasses to the authentic python evening bags, Oscar de la Renta’s lines are the epitome of high fashion. Oscar de la Renta is designed for the modern woman’s lifestyle, energy, and sophistication. The designer is the first choice for celebrities and figureheads and has remained the designer of choice since 1965. No other high end designer brings the exclusive, feminine look from the runway to online than Oscar de la Renta.

Online shopping at www.oscardelarenta.com allows customers to purchase from our glamorous collection in the comfort of their own home.

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Recreation & Leisure ...
Campingworld > RV Sales RV Maintenance Oudoor Camping Add to Favorites
Camping World

For 40 years, Camping World has worked to become the trusted leader in the world of RV travel and camping. From state-of-the-art camping equipment to their 24/7 Emergency Road Service program to their world-famous RV Institute, it�s no wonder their customers always come back.

Added: Sep. 20, 2007 | Rate It | Report Broken Link | Tell a Friend
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Collectibles ...
CollectiblesToday > Antiques Jewelry Gifts Add to Favorites
Collectible Princess Diana Tribute Figurines: Prin

If you're looking for unique collectibles, jewelry and gifts, you've come to the right place. Collectibles Today is the official home of The Bradford Exchange, The Ashton-Drake Galleries, Hawthorne Village and many more premium brands. Whether you spell them collectibles or collectables, you'll appreciate the expert handcraftsmanship of each creation. Plus, our wide variety of gift collectibles are the perfect sentiment for any occasion.

Added: Sep. 04, 2007 | Rate It | Report Broken Link | Tell a Friend
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Sports & Fitness ...
Tennis - personalized cartoon Add to Favorites
Buy custom cartoons Online

Personalized Tennis Player 8"x10"

Perfect for Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Anniversaries, Retirement, New Baby, Reunions, Party Favors, and all Special Occasions."

We personalize colorful Friendly Cartoon prints to create a one-of-a-kind gift or keepsake! Each beautifully drawn, full-color, unique personalized cartoon is elegantly finished. ANYWHERE YOU SEE TEXT CAN BE CHANGED TO YOUR LIKING..."

A UNIQUE, PERSONALIZED ITEM THAT MAKES A GREAT ALL OCCASION GIFT! Friendly Cartoons are available in hundreds of great designs – most sports, hobbies, and occupations in both male and female versions... All cartoons are placed in a protective plastic cover and shipped in a sturdy mailer so you can be assured that it will arrive in perfect condition. You will not be disappointed, these pictures are super cute!

Added: Nov. 16, 2010 | Rate It | Report Broken Link | Tell a Friend
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Fashion ...
Roots.com > Men's Womens Childrens Clothing Leather goods Home accessories NHL Collection Add to Favorites
ROOTS Direct

Originally established in in 1973, Roots has grown into an internationally recognized lifestyle brand. We are the number one brand in Canada with 200 stores in North America and Asia and we are still growing!

To date, ROOTS has produced merchandise for thousands of films, television shows, sports teams, athletes, musical groups and corporations. Our products include the Athletic Casual Clothing, Handmade Leather Goods, Jackets, Watches Accessories, Perfumes and much more.

Added: Sep. 12, 2007 | Rate It | Report Broken Link | Tell a Friend
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Most Recent Additions.
Health Products ...
GildenTree > Wide Selection of Natural Health Products Add to Favorites

Since 1990, Gilden Tree has made foot, hand and body care products that are natural, good for your body and kind to the environment. They use time-honored ingredients proven effective for centuries, many of them Certified Organic. Gilden Tree products effectively help your skin heal itself. Our Footscrubber® is a one-of-a-kind foot care tool that has been used successfully by tens of thousands worldwide. Gilden Tree has become a market leader in a wide range of business segments including spa products, comfort and walking shoes and accessories, podiatric and other health-care practitioners, natural and organic products, and buyers who are seeking unique, luxurious, and practical gift packages.

Added: Jun. 17, 2008 | Rate It | Report Broken Link | Tell a Friend
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Auto ...
Canadian Tire > Cars Trucks Tires Add to Favorites
Canadian Tire
Gift Cardsbanner

Delivering What Customers Value Most

Today, nine out of ten adult Canadians shop at Canadian Tire at least twice a year and 40% of Canadians shop at Canadian Tire every week. Eighty-five per cent of the Canadian population lives within a 15-minute drive of their local Canadian Tire store. Canadian Tire is three clearly defined, highly competitive, specialty stores under one roof—automotive, sports and leisure, and home products. The involvement of Canadian Tire Associate Dealers in the daily life of the communities they serve helps the retailer forge stronger links with its customers across Canada. The most extensive store renewal and redevelopment program in Canadian history is underway to ensure Canadian Tire continues to be the best at what customers value most.

Added: Sep. 16, 2007 | Rate It | Report Broken Link | Tell a Friend
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Accessories ...
eBags > Luggage Backpacks Briefcases Handbags Add to Favorites
Welcome to eBags.com!

eBags is the online leader for luggage, backpacks, handbags, briefcases, and accessories. With over 180 top brands, policies like 110% LOW PRICE GUARANTEES and FREE RETURNS.

Added: Aug. 26, 2007 | Rate It | Report Broken Link | Tell a Friend
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Books/Media ...
Pickabook > Gifts Toys Video Diaries Maps Music Add to Favorites

Pickabook Limited is based in Cheltenham, England. Our company was established in 1998, and we began selling books online in June, 1999.

It offers over 5 million books from stock, large discounts, fast dispatch, and delivery to addresses worldwide.

As well as books, customers can buy book-related products such as audiobooks, CDs, CD-ROMs, videos, calendars, diaries, maps and globes.

The company is one of the largest online bookshops and is growing steadily.

Added: Sep. 29, 2007 | Rate It | Report Broken Link | Tell a Friend
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Recreation & Leisure ...
EVOGEAR > skis snowboards wakeboards clothing, Add to Favorites

Shop 2007 wakeboards and bikinis at evogear.com

evogear.com is a specialty retailer of skis, snowboards, wakeboards, clothing, and all accessories related to those categories. We have highly sought after fashion brands on our site and shoppers can save up to 70% and sometimes more in our Outlet...
Skis so cheap you can afford two pairs--one for powder AND the park. Shop the evogear deals now, up to 60% off + FREE shipping!

Added: Sep. 10, 2007 | Rate It | Report Broken Link | Tell a Friend
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